Purple Flowers

A few weeks ago a couple of coworkers and I decided to gather every Monday morning in our conference room at 10AM and pray specifically for our staff and residents at the Children’s Home. No fanfare. No fancy devotion. Just honest prayers voiced together.

This one particular Monday, I knew of a situation with one of our residents. Something heartbreaking had happened and so I shared what little information I had with my coworkers.

I have to be a bit vague here, but the staff on campus had decided to have a time of prayer in their chapel for the resident a little later in the week – as a way to process and heal. The only thing I knew about the situation was that the color purple was important to this resident. Right before my co-workers and I prayed – I told them that I felt impressed that I should buy some purple flowers and place them on the altar for this child’s prayer service. I thought it might bring a small measure of comfort to see a favorite color- perhaps give the child a small shred of hope.

My heart hurt for this child – as I was sure they felt their prayers were not answered. I, too, have struggled these past two years with feeling like God hasn’t answered some of my prayers. These “unanswered prayers” can weigh so heavy on us. I didn’t want this child to feel that weight or lose hope or faith.

So we prayed for the child and a situation we couldn’t change. We prayed for God’s healing. We prayed for restoration. We prayed for hope.

When we finished praying, I looked up, and our receptionist was walking through our lobby with the biggest bouquet of PURPLE flowers you have ever seen.

We put those flowers on the altar later that week.

These flowers reminded me that God has not forgotten this hurting child. And He has not forgotten me. And for anyone needing something to hold on to today – He hasn’t forgotten you, either.

My prayer is that God will send you purple flowers exactly when you need them.

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