On Daddies

Now I’m a giant
Got a son of my own
He’s always trying
To go everywhere I go
Do the best I can to raise him up the right way
Hoping that he someday wants to be
Like his old man



There are a million ways I could tell you that you are a great father. I knew before we married that you were. I had the ability to watch you be a daddy to Erin. And – oh how she loved you. She was 100% Daddy’s girl. You were her safe haven, her rock, the one she always knew she could count on.


She grew up into a beautiful and confident young lady. Already changing the world and only 20 years old. For anyone to make a difference, they must first know they are loved. And – oh, how you love her.

And then came Austin. So different from her. But so much like her, too. And you jumped in with both feet. You went from tea parties, books, band concerts and soccer games to – well, Austin.

He is wild and opinionated…so opinionated….and funny and more than a handful.


So now you run ninja warrior obstacles, and answer a million questions a day, and constantly look up sports stats – because he needs to know every single stat of every single sport.

You give hundreds of hugs and thousands of kisses. You watch countless football and basketball games with him, cheer him every day as he runs an obstacle course in our yard  because he wants to be an American Ninja Warrior. You teach him about God and Jesus and doing the right thing.

The past 5 Father’s Days – you have been volunteering as a nurse at Camp Hawkins. A summer camp for children with developmental disabilities. Every summer, I bring Austin up, so he can volunteer, too. But mostly I want him to see you. I want him to see what a good man does – he loves Jesus, he helps others, he gives up a day that could be all about him to serve those who often feel marginalized.

Every day you are setting the example for him on what it means to be a good man and giving Erin the template for what she should look for in a man who loves her. It is important work being a daddy. Probably the most important thing you’ll ever do.

I just want you to know, I think you’re doing a great job. Better than great.

Thank you for loving our kids. Thank you for being an example. Thank you for walking this path with me. Thank you for being a daddy.


Happy Father’s Day, honey. We love you.

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